Handmade for Heroes, Inc.

A way to give back to our Heroes...
past, present & future

For those who know, CHARMS was a standard candy found in a Service Memeber's MRE. I threw it in for Megan here at Handmade For Heroes, though Neal says they are bad luck.


Mission Military Munchies is an ongoing operation where we at Handmade for Heroes takes your unwanted holiday candy and ship it forward to our Service Members and families in order to help them have a piece of home and the holidays while they are away.

Many of our troops loved ones  have the means to support their Service Member abroad. While many of you want to do something to help, you find you don't have the time, money or resources. At Handmade For Heroes, Inc, we are attempting to be that middle ground, giving you the ability to help your loved ones or be the change in your community to help Service Members abroad.
To contribute, send your candy to:

Handmade For Heroes
c/o Gail Reader
PO Box 602
Port Angeles, WA 98362

We ask no opened candy or perishables. If you are in doubt, send it and we can sort on site. We are just attempting to streamline our processes in getting these goodies to our Heroes.