Handmade for Heroes, Inc.

A way to give back to our Heroes...
past, present & future

Easy Ideas for All

Thank you Notes

You can get any blank note card or small colorful paper and write a thank you note to our Heroes. Remember we send items to those currently serving, those in boot camp, Veterans, DoD Civilians, US Contractors and family members of all. 

Drawings & Paintings

Using a small paper you can do a painting like this one or a drawing to add that special touch to packages. Just look at how wonderful this US Flag came out that 4 year old Amerleigh has made!!! This will definitely bring a smile to the faces of our Heroes.

Color Pages

Print any of these and let your kids' creative juices flow! I cannot take credit for them as I got them from other military support websites.  We will add more for different occasions and holidays as well. Click on each link to view and print the pages.  These will print as a full page, if you wish to have them in jpeg format to print in different sizes just send us an message at the email address below and we will send you the items in a different format.

PRINTABLE 1                     PRINTABLE 2                   PRINTABLE 3                      PRINTABLE 4                  PRINTABLE  5

PRINTABLE 6                    PRINTABLE 7                   PRINTABLE 8                       PRINTABLE 9                  PRINTABLE 10

PRINTABLE 11                   PRINTABLE 12                 PRINTABLE 13                     PRINTABLE 14                 PRINTABLE 15

Coke Rewards

If you drink any Coke products, send us your Coke Rewards. We can use the rewards for items that can be sent to our Heroes! It is an easy way to get involved or do a collection of them in your local community.

Often times they are tossed away but collecting them in your break room of work or schools can be an easy way for you and your community to help Honor our Heroes!

Kellogg's Family Rewards

If you see the Kellogg's Family Rewards icon on packages, save the code found inside and mail them to us. We will use the points for printed materials so our funds continue to pay for shipping. Have family and friends save them too and mail them in each month.  It is an easy way to help honor Heroes and their families. 

Where do you sent them???  Well you can email codes to customerservice@handmadeforheroes.org 

Have an idea you want to add?? Email them to us along with a bit of instruction to us here and we will add them to the site.