Handmade for Heroes, Inc.

A way to give back to our Heroes...
past, present & future

We get asked all the time, how can I help? What can I do to become involved?  Well, here are a few ideas plus many are low cost and high in fun.  Click on each link at the bottom of the page and see what you can find that works for you.  Invite friends and family to assist as well.  Also, its a great way to teach the kids about Patriotism.

Letters, cards, drawings and the like are used to let our Heroes know how much everyone cares.


We currently do not have any special missions going on. Keep checking back as things often change.


Our Heroes face constants struggle, whether home or abroad. When heroes need help, they turn to others for that support. We are an organization that attempts a "Fair Trade" donation. Our preference is to give, not collect, so we do not solicit monitary donations, but they are still welcome.


When shouldering the burdens of resposibility and duty, there tend to be things forgotten or unavailable on the personal side. We can help get you or your family some of that help that is so desperately needed.

Family Support

Heroes often take up duties that effect thier families in more way than one. We provide some of the essentials in trying times to families of heroes, because those families are the first concern of our heroes, and should not be forgotten.

Hero to the Heroes

We all want to find a way to support our fellow man. Our "Hero to the Heroes" program allows you to take a more active role as part of our organization and do more for the Heroes and families.