Handmade for Heroes, Inc.

A way to give back to our Heroes...
past, present & future

Neal has 20 years of experience working with Soldiers in the U.S. Army. Starting from the bottom as a Private/E-1, Neal learned to follow and work his way up the rank structure to eventually become  a successful leader in Operation Management.

He is slated to retire from active duty in 2016, but in the nature of  service, continues to offer his advice and expertise through Handmade For Heroes. He currently serves as the webmaster for the organization and as an active Member of the Board of Directors.

He is responsible for the current layout and structure of our web page and offers insight from his years of recruiting for the U.S. Army on networking, advertising, and commitment to our followers. Neal has tailored resources to cut costs on meetings, streamlined the Board Meeting with a format, and been a vocal part of the Board of Directors. He is always happy to field any questions, and, as he puts it, a connoisseur of sarcasm.